Monday, 4 July 2016


Some what of a surprise this morning to find that the ponies have demolished the front wall of the stable overnight! been rather a hectic, chaotic week on many fronts!
 This is what the stable used to look like...although the door is usually left open for them to go in and out!

Luckily for us, today we had Martin visiting and volunteering with us.  Huge thanks to Martin who helped us to clear up and to stabilise the structure until it can be rebuilt.  John the gardener is finding that "gardening" is encompassing many tasks and is thankfully up for the challenging of rebuilding it!  All the ponies were fine and no-one was injured in whatever took place!  
 Other exciting news is that Frances, who already has two P4P ponies (Maisie and Jaffa) came to meet Babe today and has offered her a home once her rehab is complete!  Great news for Babe - thank you so much Frances!
Babe, Martin and Rocky

Wolfie and Martin
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