Saturday, 11 May 2019

In Memory of Folly

We had some very sad news in mid-April regarding Folly, one of the original P4P herd members.

Folly has had a very loving home for a long while now and she has always been an important member of the family.  She has been living with a lady called Faye (not P4P Faye) who first met Folly when she was 12 - Faye was at a friends house and was the first person to ever catch Folly in their field - she took her out for walks and they bonded. Folly then joined her pony and their little herd.

In December 2018 Folly had been diagnosed with cancer and had an operation to remove tumours.  Very sadly, despite her family's best efforts, the tumours returned and very aggressively so - her family gave her the best quality of life for as long as they could and then in April the decision was made that it was time for her to be put to sleep. 

We are very grateful to her family for having given Folly such a wonderful home.  She was one of the very traumatised mares who had been ear-notched and had a lot of head trauma which Paul had to work through.  Folly had to regain trust in people and she was very lucky to be able to spend some very happy years with her family.

Run free little Folly...Misty, Brenda, Gus, Mrs Brownhead (Tess), Tinker, Breeze and Munchie are over that "rainbow bridge" too...

Folly with Paul in one of her training sessions.
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