Thursday, 9 May 2019

April - Start of the Updates!

Well...let's try to do a catch up!  So April came and went just as quickly as March did...Jenny still recovering obviously after her accident and operation (and as of last night another ambulance trip to A&E for her, poor thing, but is home again now).  As we are very short of regular helpers now, we are very grateful to Frances who managed to get over a couple of times to give Faye a hand on the heavier work jobs.  It seems that just about everyone we know is poorly at the moment with some sort of serious ailment or another so we send out lots of "get well/healing" wishes!

The photo above should look familiar as it was taken in 2017 - after Jeremy disappeared from the nature reserve at Marsland Mouth (still incomprehensible!) we decided to bring the other ponies home as the site was no longer secure and we could not guarantee their safety.  This photo captured the reuniting of friends back at the yard...the photo shows Puffin, Star and Breeze sniffing noses with Munchie, and then Wolfie and Dan in the background...a happy moment quite full of ponies and greetings! Little did we know that we would soon lose two of the ponies featured here - Breeze (to suspected herbicide poisoning on a different reserve the following year) and Munchie this year.   Both were such big wonderful characters who had fan clubs of their own...ponies definitely have a way of melting your heart!  People really feel they connect with them even if they have very short encounters.

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