Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Thank You Margaret and Archie!

I want to say a big thank you to Archie and Margaret for their help this afternoon because they came to the rescue!  Last night the weather was atrocious to say the least and this morning the ponies refused to go out - it's the bad weather and the mud.  It rained a lot last summer and it hasn't really stopped since - so you really can't blame them - the ground has taken a real beating.  Even the local farmers are desperately trying to find more room in outbuildings to put their sheep in.  It does make you wonder if we're going to need an Ark!! 

We're just approaching that turning point...it's towards the end of winter but not yet spring...and it's the hardest bit of the winter slog for anyone running an animal charity.  The mud is at its worst, it's absolutely freezing cold, you're wet through day after day getting rained on...and now your workload has doubled...the barrows are heavier than ever because of the rain...you're triple hay feeding and with that comes the extra mucking out too...and then to start on the evening dinners - it's a major calorie burnout!  I really appreciate Margaret and Archie's efforts - they sorted everything out for me this evening which was fantastic.  What a team!  Guess what?  More rain forecast for tomorrow...!

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