Saturday, 10 February 2018

Love to Catherine + Family

We're sending our love and condolences to Catherine and her family as they lost a member of their pony herd yesterday.  Baby (also known as Janet's girl), an Exmoor X that they took on about 7 years ago had been part of a herd of conservation ponies were being given up as they were no longer needed.  Baby and her friend Chrysa were wild and were adopted by Catherine and they were brought to P4P for handling by Paul before going to live on Catherine's farm.  Both ponies had suffered damage from years of mis-management on the reserve - not intentional of course - but ponies and large amounts of grass just don't mix and of course the consequences of the recurrent laminitis meant their hooves were almost cloven.  As you can see in the photo, Baby was very much part of their family and will be missed very much by everyone.

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