Monday, 14 August 2017

Two Super Ponies In Need of 5*, Loving, Secure, Knowledgeable Homes

Tonight we'd like to call on all our wonderful supporters to spread the word via social media/Facebook about 2 special ponies who are looking for homes ASAP.  

A riding school in our local area is having to close due to sad circumstances and there are two super riding ponies looking for 5* wonderful, loving, secure homes - this should be a wonderful opportunity for a family/families - there is limited time available for the ponies to stay at the facilities where they are currently so we need to share their profiles to find them their perfect homes asap.  We do not want them to end up with a dealer!  All the other ponies have been rehomed already.

The ponies are being offered privately and not through P4P - we have no extra room right now and ponies as super as this shouldn't need to end up in a rescue...riding school ponies are usually snapped up...and ridden ponies are usually not long stayers at rescue lets hope someone looking for a pony right now might be right for these two...Rosie and Gatsby.  They are being offered separately as I understand it - these are the details about them:  

Please share these two on social media and if you are serious about offering them a home and think you are their perfect new home please contact Jenny Hawkins on 01884 861187.

To send a message or ask a question, please click on the 'comments' link below

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