Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Getting Back On Track...

Very shiny coat Mr Arthur!

Sorry for the delay in blogging everyone!  I'm afraid I managed to catch flu when I went to the Porlock event - which, of course, I hadn't foreseen at all - very frustrating to be ill for so long!  Margaret has been brilliant and has stepped up to make sure that we have kept on top of everything with the ponies at the yard.

When the flu was at its worst and volunteers were covering it seems that Topsy had another of her super adventures!  A young volunteer remembered to fill the field water trough and helpfully went off to do this.  When the trough was filled, they took the hose back out of the field (which was the right thing to do)...but they forgot to fasten the main gate!  The wind was coming from an unusual direction which meant after they had gone home for lunch, the gate blew open.  We had a phone call from a neighbour to say a worker had just driven down the road and had found a white pony loose up in the local village.  When he turned off to come down the lane, the pony stayed in front of him and eventually turned up our driveway.  Out we went...and found the field gate wide open with Topsy and Star grazing in the field, Topsy looking as innocent as ever, you'd never have even known she'd been out on far-flung adventures!  Another adventure for Topsy...she might be 36+ years old but she's still feeling as sprightly as ever!

Between us everything has continued to run smoothly...and Margaret even mastered the driving of one of the tractors.  John stepped in to shift a tonne of bedding which was delivered last week.   Archie's popped in occasionally to lend a hand.  Catherine came over to visit and brought some lovely "get better" dinner.  Oscar the dog has been trying to get Faye better as quickly as possible. Munchie had his hooves tidied last week thanks to Clive our trimmer.  (We'll have to post a Munchie update soon - he's going to have a full fantastic set of new hooves by Christmas)!

Are thoughts are with everyone in Houston, Texas being battered by the hurricane there - animal shelters now being flooded as the water levels rise even further.  Animal owners desperately trying to get their pets (both big and small) to somewhere safe.  There are amazing people volunteering to go out with their own boats to rescue animals in need...guardian angels needed for all those in need of rescue.

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