Monday, 15 May 2017


Yesterday we had a P4P excursion to visit Catherine, Victoria and Edward who had organised a bluebell walk at their land up on Exmoor.  Such a beautiful, spectacular site (the photos just don't convey it or do it justice!) - millions and millions of bluebells - more than I've ever seen in one place before.  We all had a lovely time and enjoyed visiting all the animals too - it's always lovely to see the horses but everyone of course has a special fondness for Silver who spent time with P4P.  Thank you to all of them for their hospitality!

Angela has started on her epic quadbike adventure from Landsend to John O' Groats and back - she says that you can follow her updates on her Justgiving page!

This week has also been the anniversary of the passing of Tufty, Topsy's special companion, who we lost in 2013.  Hazel Ann sent us a poem that she wrote in 2013 in memory of Tufty which was rather a lovely thought.

The heavens wept with us that day

When lovely Tufty passed away.

Her gentle strength and knowing eyes

Would sometimes take me by surprise.
I can but guess what early scars

Etched their marks upon her heart

Yet wise was she beyond her years

And stoic despite her myriad fears.
Her presence often filled the yard

Although at times she found it hard.

Her gentle soul at peace at last

Brings comfort to our broken hearts.

Of course we could never replace Tufty...but Topsy should have a new companion by the end of the week - I hope she approves!  She isn't able to spend much time with the boys so we hope she will benefit from having a friend who can also be on the lusher pasture.

Thank you so much to Vanessa for donating 2 new lead ropes this week...and to Lily who got in contact about a possible Jeremy sighting.  She cleverly sent a photo - the pony in the photo was beautiful, but not Jeremy....but we really appreciate her efforts and everyone who continues to keep a look out for him.

We'd also like to say "Good Luck" to everyone who's taking their exams at the moment.  Jas who has been a very dedicated Sunday helper has just started her GCSE's so we wish her lots of luck from all of us!

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