Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Bank Holiday Weekend

Frodo and Breeze
As holidays for us here!!  It's very full on looking after 10 ponies on-site!  We're waiting for the new site and loan family to be ready before Wolfie and Breeze can travel to their new home.  It's quite a challenge for Breeze as he's used to being the leader on his conservation site and here he's got to take his place in the established order...but I keep telling him that it won't be for long.

We've got lots of thank you's from this weekend...a BIG thank you to Thea and her course participants who raised an AMAZING £240 for the ponies from their workshop!  We are so grateful...thank you so much everyone!

We received a cheque and lovely letter from Kate, Alice, Max and Josie in class 4 who sent the proceeds from a stall they ran for P4P at their school - we have sent a thank you card which hopefully they will receive when they return to school after half-term.
We also need to thank Paul for coming over to trim Munchie's feet which are looking very smart again.  The toe is the only part that needs attention as the damaged hoof there is like concrete and doesn't self trim like the rest of the foot.  It's going to take about 6 months before his new hoof capsules are complete but we are very pleased with his progress.  Before Munchie returned to us he was only going out for an hour or two of grazing a day - all year around because of laminitis.  Now he's out grazing with the others on the same routine - he just needs to come in for his extra feeds.

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