Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Wolfie Day 2

Today was Wolfie's day to integrate with the herd in the field.  Rocky is being super protective of Babe so they were put in a different section to make Wolfie's life a bit easier!  Wolfie already knows all of the other ponies except Arthur, who is a laid back sort of chap...after a 10 minute run around the herd got down to the important pony business of eating grass together!

Racing Arthur

A short film of the first run around...

It hardly seems like summer at all!  The last 2 evenings poor Frodo has been shivering in the rain and cold wind.  He had plenty to eat but still felt he has been very pleased to wear his little rug that Catherine bought him a couple of years ago...after an hour he was much more comfortable and dry again so he could go back to being without it again.

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