Thursday, 30 June 2016


I thought it was time to have a Topsy update as she hasn't been on the blog for a while!  Now supposed to be 36 years old she is looking amazing for her age...and astonishing considering she is a Bodmin pony!  She stopped eating hay about 3 weeks ago - chopped foods and grass were still fine.

Bill the horse dentist came to visit - she had her teeth done and Bill said she might or might not start eating hay again.  Topsy has been grazing lots of different grassy sections that the other ponies are not allowed on - she'd done a good on Saturday morning she cunningly managed to break into the sheep field!  Topsy went into the sheep field and the sheep went into Topsy's field (the grass is always greener!).

Ted and Jenny have kindly allowed her to stay in this field now - she still comes back for extra snacks and to see the others.  When Wolfie ran towards her section of field she hid behind the barn and peeked her head out from around the side of it.  She will still have an occasional canter about and a chase of the sheep but she's retired from high jinks!

Early this morning it was Wolfie who made the attempt into lusher pasture.  We found out yesterday that the electric fence wasn't working (Wolfie was chewing on it!) and the search for the problem led to the discovery of several breaks unintentionally caused by some strimming.  These were fixed but frustratingly it still wasn't working.  So the electricity stayed off overnight. did Wolfie get through...
...Did he jump the fence...No!
....Limbo through it like Frodo....No!
.....Take the whole lot down and run through it...No!

......He undid the handles with his mouth and walked through the human gap taking Dan with him!  Now that is an impressive skill!!!!

So tonight, the electricity is back on, thanks to an epic effort today by Jenny, Ted and John...and Margaret helped get things done on the yard whilst we were trying to fix the fence!

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