Thursday, 29 October 2009

A really busy day with everybody, it seems, wanting to talk to us. We took Frodo out in his new red cart; only just up the road but he was very good and nearly crossed his feet properly when we turned round to come back.

Jeremy took matters into his own hooves and managed to get into the grass beyond the electric fence; don't know if he's jumping or limbo-ing.

Billy Boy has a strong aversion to men; we've seen it before but it's really obvious with him and it puts Paul at such a disadvantage as he is the first contact for a rehab case like this. He padded up today, just in case, when he went in to work with him. Billy will take some sedge leaves or hazel from us, only offered over the door, but not from Paul! It's very sad. Normally offering food is not part of the process but it can't hurt.

It just brings it home to us what a serious situation it would be for Billy Boy if he was out on the moor and needed medical attention.

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