Monday, 26 October 2009

The little bird died overnight. Last night it seemed fine - flying round the room. I had given it some fresh flies and it picked them up, pulled off the wings and ate them. I thought we'd saved it. Wish I'd let it out last night now. Oh well.

Mousey was reluctant to go to the lawn paddock today but Paul fetched Frodo and she was happy to follow him. Frodo comes back to call and Mousey comes too. The picture shows her following Paul out in the morning, when she's feeling co-operative.
She now has Boy in the stable next to her. He's come for handling practice but he's pretty scared of people.

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gregsweb said...

Hi Cilla, what a shame about the little bird, it sounds like a he had a good last evening & you did your best to try to get him back to form. It sounds like Frodo is a great help with the other ponies :-) Greg