Saturday, 2 March 2019

End of February

Rocky prancing in the snow, Munchie in the background
Thank you to everyone for your supportive messages regarding Munchie.  I'm really taken with how many hearts Munchie stole and how much of an impression he made on people, even if they'd only ever met him for a couple of hours!  He really was very much a people pony and it seems that everyone who knew him, for whatever space of time, long or short, really did fall in love with him.  Everyone is so kind in saying how much he was loved, and that he knew he was loved, and we really did give him the best quality of life possible with his (at times very complicated) health conditions.  The herd have all coped very well and everything happened in a way that meant they got a chance to process what was happening - all are very relaxed.

A bit late for the posting of this one, but the calendar photo for February was Rocky prancing in the snow, with Munchie in the background.  Whereas last year in February/March we were under siege from the "Beast From The East", this year we really have benefitted from an amazingly dry and beautiful 3 weeks of warm, mostly sunny weather.  Quite a shock really, but very welcome to have some relief from the cold and the wet, and an unprecedented opportunity to roll the fields - never before have we done this in February!  Thanks to the efforts of John and Martin the fields are looking much improved, even if only temporarily.  We're also benefitting from all the extra visitors who have been coming to help and visit - Sam, Zoe with her dog Echo, Nicole and Martin, Frances, Izy, and Sue.  Many hands make light work indeed!  So lovely to have lunch out in the garden in the sunshine with our lovely pony shepherd dog by our side and Topsy joining in the garden party too - Martin even brought her a homegrown carrot from his allotment so she really did join in the picnic too! 

Such a shame to have lost the weather now but not a we are "battening down the hatches" in readiness for the weather warnings with Storm Freya...maybe March will come "In like a lion and out like a lamb"...

Topsy's keeping up with her extra feeds and enjoying some time
without her rug during the day.

Frodo supervises Martin's handiwork with the tractor and roller.

Beautifully flat field by the end!
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