Monday, 24 September 2018

Belated September

It's a very belated September calendar blog here - sorry everyone!  It's been super busy here with everything ponies...there's been a month full of poorly volunteers and/or volunteers with poorly cars...combine this with study and consults time just flies so fast!  This month you've all had the gorgeous Wolfie to delight you - I love the light in this photo and how it brings out Wolfie's colours - all set against his mealy muzzle and eyes.  Wolfie is always a bit insecure but has a really lovely personality!  Munchie's been a bit poorly again so he's been trying out the Stream Z magnetic bands which do seem to be helping him. 

Last weekend we had a stall at an apple orchard open day and raised just over £52 for the ponies from sales on the tombola.

Autumn has certainly arrived - which brings much relief from the flies which were terrible throughout August..and the midges which Bobby will be very pleased about indeed!

We've also got a visitor here at the moment who arrived on Wednesday...more about that tomorrow!

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