Sunday, 24 June 2018

Alfie's Birthday, Babe, St John's Fayre, Newsletters...and Haymaking!

As is often the case there can be really intense times of activity here...As well as the newsletter being published and sent out last week...Nicole and Martin came to visit and helped get the barn all tidied up on Wednesday (little did we know at the time their timing would be perfect!)...

...Next day it was yard work and then heading out to see Babe and her pals Maisie and Jaffa and their "Mum" Frances...Hopefully these photo will cheer Roy as he's still suffering and can't come back to help us yet.

Babe, Jaffa and Maisie in a 3 way "red-arrows-esque" manoeuvre

..When I got back the hay field had been cut so haymaking is now underway! Thank you so much to Roger and Ted who have been looking after it and turning for us...

...Friday was Alfie's Birthday and the last chance to get ready for the Fayre which Margaret has been preparing for all week with a tombola to arrange and preserves to make.  Ted turned the hay.  It didn't go quite to plan with a chicken emergency to deal with too (not Alfie or hay related!)...

Alfie inspecting the hay - it's Alfie's first birthday (he has an honorary date in his passport and although he's clearly not one year old today, we think it is probably the first birthday he's ever actually celebrated and certainly in the UK).  It's also his first time hay-making!
Running in the hay (grass at the moment)

Inspecting the tractor

Beautiful evening

...Yesterday was St John's Fayre - beautiful weather and super attendence.  We had amazing support yesterday and for the first time ever on a P4P stall we sold out of the tombola completely - thank you so much to Margaret, Catherine, Victoria and Edward who came to help!  We raised an incredible £314 for the ponies and we are so grateful to Vicky and Henry for looking after the ponies for us...

...And now tomorrow is baling day!  A huge day for us to get all the hay into the barn and stacked.  It's an earlier cut for us than usual but everything is so dry so we need to take our chance whilst we have it!  Hay helpers on standby - food being delivered tomorrow morning!

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