Friday, 10 November 2017

Babe, Maisie and Jaffa

Jaffa and Babe!
 We really enjoyed our visit to see Babe and her friends today.  It's a year tomorrow that Babe went to stay with Frances, Maisie and Jaffa and she's doing brilliantly.  Roy is so chuffed to see her charging about!  The girl that in February 2016 was so poorly she was nearly put to sleep because of her feet (laminitis and pedal bone rotation)...she came to us for rehab...she was rehomed with Frances...and now she's on 24 hour turnout and full of the joys of life :0)  We love happy pony stories :0)

Maisie had a swollen leg this morning so had some red light therapy.
The heat went away in 20 minutes and Maisie who is usually suspicious of men nuzzled
her head into Roy's arm which was very sweet.  She decided to join in the charging
 about this afternoon!
Babe, Jaffa and Maisie

Jaffa and Babe synchronized!


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