Friday, 22 September 2017

Pony Summary Of This Week!

It was lovely to see Wolfie and Breeze on Tuesday - they are really enjoying the site they live on!  They had a hoof trim as it's a bit wet underhoof - not easy for them to trim their hooves themselves.  They have just a little bit longer on this patch whilst the weather is OK and then they move onto their winter pasture.

There's been lots of coverage in the local and national media this week about the "conservation" scheme to eat Dartmoor ponies (not surprising timing with market time coming up - also an effort to sell extra ponies at the market by appealing to people who will travel to pay to "save one" from the meat fate) - but hardly anything at all to reveal the real situation on the moor.

We are pleased to see that the Mare and Foal Sanctuary has been in the media today urging people NOT to eat or buy Dartmoor Pony meat - totally refuting claims it could save the breed.  We are also pleased to see that general media coverage has led to a surge in people finding our "Eat Ponies To Save Them..Yet Again" Blog post that I wrote after the Countryfile feature a few weeks ago - so hopefully people are better informed about what is really happening on the moors.

For those thinking about People4ponies calendars already...we should have 2018 calendars available for sale soon!  We couldn't produce them through Vistaprint this year and a local printing company are helping us to produce our next edition - to our usual high's under design at the moment, so watch this space!! 

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