Saturday, 22 April 2017

Jeremy + April Update

Photo of Jeremy in his youth - with his lovely summer coat
It's four weeks today that we last saw Jeremy - a month now since he went missing.  We've been overwhelmed at how brilliant people have been at sharing the word about Jeremy.  Everywhere I've been across Devon people have heard about Jeremy the pony and ask me if there's any news about him.  They've either seen him on Spotlight, or read about him on Facebook....which has spread the word across the country.  We've even had one lady contact us from Scotland.  Despite all this wonderful support there have been no sightings or leads at all...we continue to hope that some sort of information or sighting might still be brought to light...having a pony disappear is not an experience I would wish on anyone...

P4P Smarty Pants is hoping for a
replacement companion to arrive soon.
There's so much to keep up on top of at the yard too - Roger has decided on the field we are going to use for hay for this year (not the one we were expecting), and home-checks and visits.  We're so grateful for the lovely weather that we've been having - it has really made such a difference with no mud to contend with.  The ponies are all in full shedding mode and Munchkin has been coming on leaps and bounds with his rehab.  Roy says that Munchie is a "completely different animal" to when he arrived in December.

The Friday before Jeremy disappeared we had been to visit Babe but her blog update was overtaken by events...but Frances has done an amazing job with Babe - following her "recommended plan" and her feet have continued to rehab.  Babe has certainly benefited from the 24 hour turnout she can also have on Frances' grass.  I know that Frances will always call if she's worried which is always a weight off of my mind!

With the spring grass "springing" up we feel so lucky to have landed on the path that we've been on with our project rehabbing the laminitics - the ponies that always had to be on super-restriction now have their summers back grazing with the herd and that is such an amazing gift to be out grazing and laminitis free - we love hearing those super hard hooves in the yard too.  Hooves that are self maintaining, sound on all surfaces, and so hard they sound just like horseshoes.  Munchie will get there too...he's still a bit too early on in his rehab to let him go fully on the grass yet but he is getting grass turnout at the beginning and end of the day...we'll increase it once the grass passes its lushest growing season.

Lots of happy stories...we just wish Jeremy's story would have a happy end too....

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