Monday, 13 December 2010

700 ponies killed on Dartmoor

Since we discovered that ear mutilations have been illegal for equines since 2007 we have become increasingly aware of the desperate situation facing ponies on Dartmoor. Thanks to our efforts the relevant authorities are now aware of the problem regarding ear mutilations and it is being dealt with at last. However, there are many other problems which are yet to be overcome.
Dartmoor ponies in particular are having a torrid time of it. This emotive article was published recently. (there were similar articles in other dailies )

There are many unanswered questions. If there are organisations that have been selectively breeding and promoting the ponies for years, how has the situation got so bad? There is clearly no demand for the ponies. We were once told that children in Ireland want the coloured ones for riding ponies! What rubbish - more likely that they end up as handbags on the continent.

As the welfare problem gains momentum more individuals and organisations are speaking out. is a new website with some astonishing and shocking pictures and information particularly about ponies on the moors. It has links to other sites, articles and publications including
This organisation has photographed live Dartmoor ponies in a sale at Maurs in the South of France. How did they end up there? It's not supposed to be possible.

people4ponies believes that it is unethical and immoral to use culling as a method of breeding control.

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